Department of Applied Biological Chemistry Laboratories


Our study aims to identify novel genes, proteins, metabolites and functions of microorganisms useful for human society. Our goal is to make maximum use of the potential of microorganisms.

Biological Chemistry

Biological chemistry is a discipline to elucidate biological phenomena such as life, food, medicine, and cosmetics, at a molecular level. Our field also includes genetic engineering and biotechnology.

Nutrition and Food Science

In order to promote dietary habits for health, we conduct extensive studies on nutrition and food science. These studies involve assessing the bioactivity of food and clarifying its mechanism, using enzyme reactions and the culture techniques of microorganisms or cells.

Functional Food Science and Technology

With the goal of developing safer, healthier, and tastier livestock products, we study the theory and practical applications of food-processing technologies—in particular, those related to fermentation, retort processing, and freezing.

Biophysical Chemistry

Living organisms and foods are composed of water and a variety of other substances, such as saccharides and proteins. From the standpoints of thermodynamics and rheology, we study interactions of water with these other substances and functions resulting from these interactions.

Natural Organic Chemistry

As part of our effort to contribute to agricultural science, we are researching to develop new organic synthetic methods for a resource efficient synthesis of bioactive substances. This will help for design and development of new medications and cosmetics.

Pesticide Chemistry

Agricultural chemicals are used to help improve productivity and save labor for those engaged in agriculture. We are working to isolate new bioactive substances from the metabolic products of microorganisms and synthetic compounds, so that these substances can be used for the development of new agricultural chemicals.