Department of Environmental Bioscience Laboratories

Plant Conservation Science

Protecting endangered wild plants and contributing to the conservation and restoration of plant diversity are the main objectives of this laboratory. We employ the latest methodologies to study the current condition, botanical status, and environmental response of wild plants. Our perspective ranges plant genes to landscape.

Environmental Zoology

In this laboratory, we aim to establish optimal methods for conserving biodiversity. To this end, we conduct extensive fieldwork to elucidate the ecology, behavior, and physiology of various living creatures on the land and in the sea.

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

We conduct analysis and assessment of various toxic substances present in the air, soil, and water. At the same time, we are working on the effective utilization of biomass for the development of environmentally friendly materials.

Environmental Soil Science

With the goal of contributing to the development of eco-conscious agricultural technologies, we strive to elucidate the dynamics of nutrient elements, heavy metals, and agricultural chemicals found in soil and crops. Our research also includes exploring ways to effectively utilize symbiotic microorganisms for agriculture.

Plant Physiology and Function

Many plants complete their life cycles despite being exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as strong sunlight, high temperatures, and extreme dryness. Taking physiological and biochemical perspectives, we study the ways that plants can adapt themselves to such environmental stressors.

Environmental Microbiology

Our research focuses on the study of microorganisms and how they can provide surprisingly effective solutions to many environmental problems that surround us.

Landscape Design

With the objective of providing people with better living environments, we conduct extensive studies on landscape design that encompass not only gardens and urban green spaces, but also countryside forests and the global environment.