Department of Architecture Laboratories

Design and Planning Laboratory

Architecture is a tool for supporting human lives. In this laboratory, participants consider social trends affecting people and the laws of human behavior and awareness as they learn to build ideal architectural spaces and learn about the building process.

Research on people’s home living environments

Research on ideal architecture for private buildings in society

Research on architectural design with a regional flavor

Research on architectural design and regional planning

Environmental Laboratory

  • Research on predicting and assessing environmental noise in an urban setting
  • Reduction of energy consumption from heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • Assessment of the sound environment indoors and outdoors through acoustic scale model experiments
  • Research on the heat performance of green buildings
  • Psychological assessment and testing of the indoor acoustic and light environment
  • Effective utilization of solar thermal energy

Structural Laboratory

Safety must be guaranteed for a building to be constructed. There is also an inextricable connection between aesthetics and rationality in structural design. This field of study aims to achieve architectural techniques that strike a balance between form and function.

  • Development of structural design of buildings and earthquake-proof design techniques
  • Diagnosis of earthquake resistance of historical buildings, research into ways to improve it
  • Development of structural analysis software
  • Development of performance assessment methods for different types of structures; for example, reinforced concrete, steel frame, and wood
  • Volunteer activities to make furniture earthquake-proof (attaching fittings to furniture to prevent them from tipping over during earthquakes)

Materials and Construction Laboratory

In this laboratory, participants grasp the properties of the materials that are so crucial in making buildings, and they study the construction methods for buildings.

  • Research on technologies for diagnosing the bearing strength of historical buildings
  • Research on analysis method on failure of concrete
  • Research on techniques for non-destructive inspection of reinforced concrete structures
  • Research on environmentally friendly concrete
  • Research on controlling cracks in concrete
  • Making documents related to building materials and construction
  • Research on the flow behavior of fresh concrete

History and Design Laboratory

The field of architecture brings together design and technology. Architecture is continuously evolving with humankind’s experience (our history). The history of the creation of architecture is a history of what we have learned from that history.

  • Research on the restoration of architectural techniques
  • Research on the restoration of stone framing techniques
  • Research on the history of design techniques of Japanese architecture
  • Research on renovation techniques for cultural heritage buildings
  • Research on the history of Asian architectural design techniques
  • Research on architectural criticism and thought