Electron Life Information Laboratories

Professor Ito, Associate Professor Ohta

Clean room where plasma and other substances are handled

Plasma is a gas in which the electrons are separated from the nuclei in the atoms and in which positively charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons exist in the same space. While the charge overall is neutral, individual particles have a negative or a positive charge. The fact that the charged particles are moving means that they are generating an electromagnetic field, and this field has allowed plasma to be used in production processes for displays, light sources, and semiconductor devices. Recent years have seen the development of technologies for generating plasma at atmospheric pressure and low temperature, and these are being put to use in medicine and other fields. In this laboratory, participants develop technologies for generating high-density, low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma and strive to apply these technologies in a wide range of fields including biotechnology and environment. As well, the laboratory is using technologies to measure plasma in order to develop new light sensing systems needed in the production of semiconductor devices.

Professor Tawata

Professor Yamasaki