Department of Mechatronics Engineering Laboratories

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering conducts innovative research to break new ground in the field of mechatronics. The department’s professors all have ample experience with mechatronics and how it is applied in the world.

  • Research in Green Mechatronics

    Studying ultra-low-energy systems driven by mechatronics.

  • Research into Medical and Bio-Mechatronics

    Developing of medical systems and cell-manipulation systems based on nano/micro mechatronics.

  • Fundamental Mechatronics Research

    Developing innovative machines and equipment based on mechatronics.

Main Research Topics

  • Development of robotic delivery systems for use in marginal villages
  • Development of extreme-work-environment robots for use in disasters
  • Development of energy-efficient systems using green mechatronics
  • R&D into vehicle driving control that uses an advanced satellite GPS
  • R&D into autonomous intelligent robots
  • Development of operation systems using nano- and bio-mechatronics
  • R&D into in-vehicle micro-device sensors