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Training of Legal Professionals Who Can Respond Flexibly and Comprehensively to the Problems of Society

We seek to nurture the legal profession, focusing on professionals in the realm of the law who are capable of dealing with problems arising in our society and who can tackle diverse areas where their expertise would be required. We provide tutoring and academic counseling by full-time Law School faculty; learning support, such as self-directed seminars and individual counseling by educational support members (young lawyers); IT-based study tools, such as a video-on-demand (VoD) system that enables video-recorded lectures to be viewed on the campus-wide internet, e-learning, and search tools that enable students to acquire a variety of legal information on laws and judicial precedent; self-study support, such as pre-admission study support; and economic assistance through various scholarship programs. We accept students from any field, not only those who have previously worked or studied in the legal field. With this in mind, we offer both daytime and evening study courses, as well as long-term study programs.

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