Project description

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Establish Meijo University’s brand by featuring research on optical devices under the President’s leadership

University Council

Vice President, Deans, etc.
Academic Research Council
Research Branding Project Implementation Committee

Optical Device Research Center

Research promotion section

【Basic research】

Proposal and invention of new materials and devices based on new principles

【Research on devices】

Realization of new optical devices for society in the near future

【Research on applications using optical devices】

Apply new optical devices in society (participation across departments and faculties)

Joint development with private companies

  • Private-sector researchers work in residence at university
  • Participation by students
    E.g.: On-campus internships, awards for outstanding achievements
Branding section

Introduction of latest achievements

  • Websites
  • Symposiums
  • Showroom (honorary exhibit)
  • Media coverage

Scientific technologies, awareness-raising among undergraduate and graduate students

  • Mock experiments at elementary, junior high, and high schools
    (planned and implemented by students)
    (to educate teachers)
  • Gathering ideas from students

LED handicraft

Symposiums planned by Meijo students
Honorary exhibit
Mock experiments

Project objectives

For research

This project is aimed at advancing global basic research into and building a global research base for futuristic optical devices with new functions and for new fields. The project is centered on the research team of Professor Isamu Akasaki, who was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the invention of a super-luminosity blue LED. In addition, the project will be given university-wide support in research on the application of optical devices. It will also foster quality human resources by encouraging students to participate in joint research with businesses that aim to introduce optical devices to society.

Expected research achievements
There is high hope for optical devices with new functions; for example, research may make it possible for a single device to handle wavelengths, light intensity, modulation rate, response speed range (new range), illumination, and transmission. Current developments that are particularly promising for practical application in the near future are surface-emitting lasers, high-power lasers, ultraviolet lasers, and nitride semiconductor solar cells.

For branding

The latest information on research will be published on the website and announced at symposiums and exhibitions and on other occasions. We will also give mock experiments at elementary, junior high, and high schools and conduct other activities to educate the general public about optical devices and their applications.
Under the President’s leadership, we are carrying out branding strategies and establishing a brand image for Meijo University’s research.