Philosophy and Founding Spirit

Fostering capable persons who enjoy the full trust of the state and of society, with an emphasis on moderation, fairness, reliability, and the ability to get things done.

Mode:Peace and warmth based in a calm disposition.
Moderation:A sense of order, harmony, and assurance that enables sure progress.
Impart:Wisdom informed by humility, and the ability to see the essential nature of things in the wider perspective.
Impartiality:Giving each consideration its due and acting according to principle after weighing the pros and cons.

By acquiring the capabilities embodied in the four kanji characters that symbolize the university’s founding creed, one will be able to win the trust of society at large. When the meanings of these four characters are understood and put boldly into practice, one’s personal potential will be greatly enhanced.

Three Watchwords

To fulfill the university’s founding creed and create a truly comprehensive university, we pursue three watchwords: integration, sophistication, and internationalization.

Promoting Integration

In order to further establish ourselves as a comprehensive university—one that brings together the best of the arts and science faculties—we are implementing course programs and a credit-swapping system that give students the flexibility to study beyond the confines of their faculty and major. We aim to foster human resources who can respond flexibly and comprehensively to various social issues.

Promoting Sophistication

Graduate schools, faculties, departments, and the Research Institute will work as one to pursue more advanced research activities. Achievements here will be proactively channeled back into society.

Promoting Internationalization

Our policy is to invigorate international exchange by engaging in a range of activities such as admitting foreign students, inviting foreign researchers, and forming academic partnerships with overseas universities and institutions. We are carefully assessing relevant trends in this era of internationalization and reflecting them in our educational settings.

MS-15: Basic Strategy of Meijo Educational Foundation

Since fiscal 2005, the Meijo Educational Foundation has been following a basic strategy entitled Meijo Strategy-2015 (MS-15). With a view to realizing the visions included in this strategic framework, we will continue promoting various strategic activities until 2015.