Meijo UniversityPhilosophy and Founding Spirit

Our Mission

Our Founding Spirit

We will foster persons richly endowed with moderation and fairness coupled with the ability to get things done, who merit the trust of the nation and society.


Peace and warmth based in a calm disposition.


A sense of order, harmony, and assurance that enables sure progress.


Wisdom informed by humility, and the ability to see the essential nature of things in the wider perspective.


Giving each consideration its due and acting according to principle after weighing the pros and cons.

MS-26: Basic Strategy of Meijo Educational Foundation

Since 2015 fiscal year, we have been working on the new strategic plan "Meijo Strategy-2026" commonly called "MS-26" expected to be attained by the year 2026 as the 100th foundation anniversary. The year 2026 marks the 100th anniversary of foundation of the "Nagoya Science and Technology Course" serving as the basis for our educational foundation.

The MS-26 envisages our ambition for establishment of the university and its affiliated high school contributing to enriched lives of our students and graduates.