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Meijo University has accepted students from overseas, and sent off many graduates into society.

We offer those students environment that satisfies their needs, for example, dormitory, scholarship system, and so on. Globalization Promotion Center has been established in Tempaku Campus for supporting the students in leading quality campus life while cooperating with other organizations. Additionally, the Student Assistant (SA) of the student volunteer group (link to site in Japanese) has been active in supporting practice of studies and learning Japanese as well as offering opportunities of international exchange for those students by holding the training course concerning Japanese culture, and planning the field trip.

As our efforts to accept the students from abroad and to provide quality education contents have been highly rated, we have won the prizes for "study abroad AWARD in the category of the university (science and technology) in Western Japan" in three successive years from fiscal 2015 to 2017, showing that Meijo University is selected by the teaching staffs working for Japanese Language Schools in Japan as the school recommendable to the international students.

Basically, in Meijo University, lectures will be given in Japanese except the case of specific course of the graduate school, program, and subject.

Applicant who wishes to enroll in the regular course (Bachelor's degree/Master's degree)

Special Entrance Examination for International Students

Meijo University is implementing the special entrance examination for an international student who does not have Japanese nationality (except Faculty of Foreign Studies). The applicants who wish to enter Meijo University are required to prepare necessary documents within the eligibility confirmation application period, and to have confirmation with respect to the application eligibility. Upon application, the applicant is required to take examinations of prescribed subjects for Japanese University Admission (except Faculty of Foreign Studies and Graduate school). The flow of the special entrance examination for international students will be described below.

  • Apply for eligibility confirmation within the eligibility confirmation application period.
  • Submit the application document within the application period after acquiring the application eligibility.
  • Take an entrance examination (written test and interview).

For detailed information on the special entrance examination for international students such as application period, application documents, and screening process, please refer to the following site in Japanese.

General Entrance Examination

It is still possible for an international applicant who does not have Japanese nationality to take the general entrance examination. The applicant who has succeeded in enrollment through the entrance examination has to acquire Status of Residence until registration so that he/she becomes eligible for such support program as scholarship.

For detailed information on the general entrance examination such as application period, application documents, and screening process, please refer to the following site in Japanese.

Applicant who wishes to participate in the exchange student program (International Japanese Studies Program)

Meijo University accepts students from universities with which exchange agreement has been conducted. The exchange student who participates in the program is expected to learn subjects of Japanese language, Japanese studies, and specialized studies for a period ranging from a semester to a year. The participant can select the language for the lectures given between Japanese and English. The subjects to be taken may change depending on the selected language.

The invitation for the program will be individually made by the respective contact persons of the related universities. For detailed information about the program, please consult the office of the university you have currently enrolled in.

Short-term Program (summer school)

This is a program taken for about two weeks for offering participants lectures on economy (manufacturing) in Chubu region, and Japanese culture given by our teaching staffs and invited lecturers as well as such activities as the field study and the cultural learning experiences. This program will be given in English. As the summer school is held based on invitation, the related university will be notified of the detailed information about the program.

Other program (Non-degree program, research student)

Meijo University accepts exchange students and international students in various forms. For the detailed information, please refer to the following page.