Meijo UniversityGraduate School of Agriculture

High Standards for Meeting Increasingly Diversified Agricultural Needs

The Graduate School of Agriculture, Meijo University, is the only private graduate school of agriculture in Japan's Chubu region.
In the master's course, students choose a major, and select a specialized subject in that major. In the agrobiological resources major, there are four specialized subjects: production of cultivated plants, genetics, crop protection, and management of agrobiological resources. In the applied biological chemistry major, there are three specialized subjects: life sciences, food science, and biological organic science. In the environmental bioscience major, there are four specialized subjects: environmental biology, matter dynamics, environmental restoration and response, and landscape design.
In the doctoral course, there are also 12 divisions (specialized subjects), following the specialized subjects in the master's course.
Deep insights into life, food, the environment, and nature cultivate agricultural professionals involved in a wide variety of specialized fields.


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Division of Agricultural Sciences

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