Meijo UniversityFaculty of Agriculture

Fostering Human Resources Equipped with Insights and Specialized Knowledge about Life, Food, the Environment, and Nature

The world faces serious challenges that will have a profound effect on the future of the planet, such as food shortages, energy crises, and environmental pollution. The role played by agriculture in all of these is growing larger, broader, and more complex. In order to satisfy the needs of such a changing society, the Faculty of Agriculture, Meijo University, has three departments: Agrobiological Resources, Applied Biological Chemistry, and Environmental Bioscience. Through its unique education and research system, the Faculty provides deep insights into life science, food science, the environment, and nature and cultivates agricultural professionals who can play an active part in solving various problems in modern society.

Departmental Information

Department of Agrobiological Resources

We seek to develop technical experts and scientists and educated individuals full of insight, creativity, and practical expertise. Our students acquire wide-ranging knowledge regarding sustainable agrobiological production and the effective utilization of agrobiological resources.

Department of Applied Biological Chemistry

Taking a chemistry-based approach, students conduct research into biological phenomena, food functions, and biological functions, with the aim of becoming technical experts and scientists who can play an active role in the global community.

Department of Environmental Bioscience

Through wide-ranging and thorough investigations, students study environmental sustainability, as well as the ways that humans can coexist harmoniously with other living organisms and with nature in general. We seek to produce technical experts and scientists and educated individuals who are highly motivated to protect the environment and make a contribution to the international stage.