Meijo UniversityFaculty of Foreign Studies

Developing World-Class Human Resources Able To Communicate Independently

In an increasingly globalized society, individuals need to have foreign language skills and the ability to build good relations with people around the world. In the Faculty of Foreign Studies, students acquire practical English skills as well as study the history, culture, and society of various countries and regions (including Japan). They gain a deep understanding of a diverse set of values and the ability to communicate to the world about Japan.
The goal of this faculty is to nurture individuals who can play an active role on the world stage as communicators capable of conversing in their own words, cooperating with people around the world, and making a valuable contribution to the international community.

Educational Focus

  1. We strive to expand every student's potential. Semester study-abroad programs are available to anyone wishing to take part.
  2. We offer small-group English programs, in which only English is used.
  3. Our English-only Global Plaza makes for a "study abroad"-like environment and atmosphere.
  4. We conduct small-group project studies, which seek solutions to problems, in collaboration with the local community and corporations.
  5. Fieldwork and internships are undertaken in Japan and around the world.

Departmental Information