Meijo UniversityFaculty of Information Engineering

We nurture next-generation information engineers who have acquired practical skills and collaborative skills.

We will nurture next-generation information engineers who will be active in various fields through traditional learning of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which has Nobel laureates, and advanced learning that meets the needs of the times.

Fostering Cultured Individuals Endowed with Practical Skills and Compassion

Two courses to choose from according to your interests and aptitude

Choose one of the courses according to your interests, aptitude, and future. Depending on the course, the knowledge and skill orientation to be acquired will differ.

Comprehensive course

Students will deeply and systematically learn the concept and technology of information engineering, focusing on the program that they have selected from four different areas of information engineering. In an environment that inherits the DNA and research level of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which holds the Nobel Prize winners, you will acquire overwhelming knowledge and ideas while touching the world-recognized research achievements.

PBL course

Introducing PBL (Project Based Learning), you will learn practical and experiential information engineering used in the real world. You will also have the opportunity to receive direct guidance from active information engineers who are active in the company, and you will also acquire various skills to work in collaboration with others.

Four programs covering a wide range of information engineering

Students who belong to either course will learn the basics of information processing technology and then acquire one or more by the time they graduate, focusing on one of the four specialized areas of their choice. Anyone who is motivated can complete it and acquire a wide range of knowledge.

Physical Computing Program

It deals with the field of materializing information. Understand how both the hardware for getting information and the software for using it work.

Data Engineering Program

It deals with the field of processing information. Understand the principles of software including basic software, information management, algorithms, and methodologies of knowledge information processing.

Human & Media Program

It deals with the field of expressing information. Understand how information is extracted from media such as images, sounds, and languages, and how to process and use them.

Network System Program

It deals with the fields of exchanging information. Understand how information can be transmitted at high speed over transmission lines and how information can be exchanged reliably and safely over networks.

Departmental Information

Department of Information Engineering

Based on the learning of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, you can learn a wide range of fields from the basics of information engineering such as computers, programming, and the Internet to cutting-edge fields such as AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), cyber security, and autonomous driving