Meijo UniversityDepartment of Environmental Technology

  • This department aims to produce graduates who can not only create new mechanisms through which mankind and nature can coexist, but also harness environmental ideals in promoting sustainable development.
  • We have gathered together a teaching staff from a wide variety of academic disciplines--including civil engineering, architectonics, meteorology, and public hygiene--to provide education in all matters related to the environment.
  • Two courses are offered: the natural environment (atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere); and the urban/living environment (living environment, urban environment).
  • The 21st century has been called "the century of the environment." Environmental science and technology is a new academic field that aims to foster engineers and researchers who will play a vital role in building an environmentally friendly society of the future.
  • Graduates well versed in environmental knowledge and skills are expected to be active in a wide range of industries encompassing environmental, architectural, civil engineering, and mechanical fields.