Meijo UniversityDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering

Students learn about a wide range of material technologies that contribute to society. These technologies include LEDs and compound semiconductors, carbon nano-tubes, and functional materials, as well as mechanical materials, composite materials, and biomaterials. These innovative materials will change our lives in the future. Through a curriculum focused on laboratory experiments, students acquire specialized knowledge, technical skills, and experience. In consequence, students develop the potential to become material development specialists who can play an active role in various fields, including automotive technology, electronic components, and fine ceramics.

  • Students actively participate in the research and development of cutting-edge materials, such as semiconductor materials and nano-structural materials that can change the way we live.
  • Students conduct globally focused research and present their research work and results at international conferences. They also take part in industry-academic cooperative research. Accumulating such practical experience, students will graduate as engineers or researchers capable of working anywhere in the world.
  • Aiming to contribute to society through technology, three start-ups have been established to commercialize the cutting-edge technologies developed in this department.