Meijo UniversityDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

The department's new and streamlined curriculum considers mechanical engineering as the foundation of all industries, including automotive, engines, electrical machinery, machine tools, aerospace, railroads, steel, metals, chemical, and construction. Students learn the fundamentals of mechanical engineering to boost both their knowledge and practical skills in manufacturing. In addition, great emphasis is given to teaching engineering ethics with the goal of fostering future generations of core engineers who can support major industries.

  • We aim to enhance students' ability to have a good insight into the application of physics and mathematical principles, writing and communication skills as well as major subjects` knowledge and applications.
  • Joint courses are offered with the newly established Department of Mechatronics Engineering. This gives students the chance to learn more about both the machines themselves and how they come together in various systems.
  • Unique subjects offered include Mechanical Engineers' Ethics, and Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, in which teams of three students actually design and build a machine.