Meijo UniversityDepartment of Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering

Transportation machines such as automobiles, aircraft, railway vehicles, and marine vessels represent an amalgamation of various technological fields, centered on mechanical engineering. In the Department of Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering, students acquire basic and applied technical knowledge of mechanical engineering through the study of transportation machines. They also study intelligent transport systems (ITS), which fuse electrical and information technologies, with the goal of becoming richly creative technology developers equipped to meet society's needs for safety, welfare, and environmental friendliness.

  • Students learn mechanical engineering through the study of automobiles, aircraft, railway vehicles, and marine vessels. The department has in place an education and research system that provides students with the requisite knowledge to become engineers.
  • Classes include lectures on mechanical engineering. Students also engage in a wide array of hands-on experiments and training, with a focus on practical assignments. Extracurricular activities enable students to give shape to their interests--for example, by building a Formula racing car or a supermileage vehicle.
  • High-level research guidance integrated with the graduate school produces human resources equipped to operate in all industrial fields involving mechanical engineering. Examples include companies dealing with transportation machines or general machinery.