Meijo UniversityDepartment of Human Studies Seminars


Koji Ito Seminar:
Human Development and Education

This course promotes a deeper understanding of data-based research on the ways in which the personal development of students is affected by factors such as their level of satisfaction with university academic life or their experience in extracurricular activities during early childhood.

Mari Shiozaki Seminar:
Health Psychology and Mental Health

Through investigative studies in developmental psychology and health psychology, students acquire a researcher's mindset and the ability to employ basic research techniques.

Yuzu Shimura Seminar:
The Mind of the Elderly

In this course, we look at various issues in lifespan developmental psychology and geriatric psychology.

Chika Harada Seminar:
Self-Control as a Social Skill

By exploring the fields of developmental, social, and personality psychology, students develop the ability to examine human behavior from a psychological perspective.

Minoru Wada Seminar:
Forming, Maintaining, and Developing Interpersonal Skills

Through the study of psychology-related research papers, students develop research, analytical, and writing skills that can be used to help them fulfill their graduation requirements.

Miho Hatanaka Seminar:
Stress and Health

In order to foster the ability to tackle their chosen research project, students learn how to read psychology literature and conduct research.

Society and Education

Toshikazu Ito Seminar:
Japanese History and Culture

In this course, students study culture and history in various parts of Japan and how to utilize them in their daily lives. Field work is included in the learning.

Yoshiya Nishimura Seminar:
European Culture and History

Adopting a historical perspective, we study the societies and cultures that emerged in different eras and in various regions of Europe.

Eri Mizuo Seminar:
Urban Culture, Environment, and Tourism

From human and environmental perspectives, we examine the various facilities, mechanisms, and phenomena of cities. Students are encouraged to develop proposals aimed at improving urban environments in the future.

Hidemitsu Miyajima Seminar:
Personal Development and Society

After acquiring the techniques to search, collect, and analyze pedagogy-related literature and materials, students work on themes related to education and personal development.

Hisashi Kasai Seminar:
Educational Administration

In this course, students will research subjects involving school education or lifelong learning which will lead to their production of a graduation report. They will also develop their thesis writing skills while gathering information about previous research and current conditions.

Tatsuhiko Sakurai Seminar:

Self, Human Relations, and Narratives in Contemporary Society Drawing on sociological theory (especially, Erving Goffman's), interviews and field research, this seminar aims to elucidate the concepts of self, human relations, and narratives in contemporary society.

International Relations and Communication

Kiyomi Ichinotani Seminar:
British Literature and Culture

By reading and analyzing British novels and studying British culture, students each find a graduation thesis theme and conduct research for their project.

Masahiro Katoh Seminar:
Media and Cultural Studies

To explore the cultural aspects of globalization, we will research various modern media and a broad range of popular culture.

Shozo Kamo Seminar:
Developing Countries and International Relations

We aim to deepen students' understanding of the current state of affairs in developing countries, including those in Africa. The course looks at how different nations and ethnic groups can coexist peacefully.

Hiroko Okado Seminar:
Modern Society and Communication

From a variety of perspectives--social, cultural, psychological, business, language, and educational--students examine a range of different communication-related issues.

Yoshinori Taniguchi Seminar:
Protecting the Environment

We address environmental issues that threaten the survival of wild animals and plants from an international perspective and seek solutions.

Shukei Funada Seminar:
Relationship between Language and Thought/Behavior

In this course, we examine themes such as cognition and cross-cultural communication and seek to deepen students' understanding of the relationship between human behavior and language.