Meijo UniversityDepartment of Business Management Seminars

Hidetoshi Ito Seminar:
Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements

By gaining an understanding of financial accounting, students will learn how to read corporate financial statements, make their own judgments, and express their opinions.

Shinichi Segawa Seminar:
Brushing Up Students' Ability to Understand Business Issues

Students' awareness of issues will be increased through tasks such as preparing reports. Their knowledge and critical thinking capabilities will also be fostered through reading reference materials in turns.

Motohiro Tazawa Seminar:
Corporate Finance Theory and Empirical Studies

By studying both theory and empirical demonstrations centered on corporate financing, investment decisions, and dividend policies, students will deepen their understanding of corporate finance.

Tatsuhiko Tashiro Seminar:
Analyzing Companies via Accounting Information

Students' ability to evaluate companies through disclosed accounting information will be fostered, and their debating skills will be improved through inter-university seminars.

Hiroshi Torii Seminar:
Rational Decision Making

Students will come to understand mathematical methods for rational decision making and will also master applied skills as well as practical skills for processing information.

Akihiro Nagao Seminar:
Improving How We View Goods and Things

Under the theme "how to view goods and things," students will recognize everyday products in order to identify and resolve issues regarding production, sales, and consumption.

Toshinobu Hashiba Seminar:
Human Resource Management in Modern Companies

Using various reference materials and case studies, students will learn how employees are viewed as human resources and how they are managed in modern companies.

Junya Yanagida Seminar:
Active Participation in Contests

Students will study accounting and participate in presentation contests held by the Faculty of Business Management.

Nami Aikawa Seminar:
Learning Business Management through Accounting

Students will learn how techniques such as cost accounting and management accounting are used in business management and what functions they perform.

Shinji Sawada Seminar:
Product Planning

Students will learn how to plan better products and services from different perspectives, including those of design, consumers, and companies.

Hirokazu Murakami Seminar:
Legal Issues for Private Companies

Students will acquire basic legal knowledge pertaining to corporate management, including the increasingly important issue of compliance.

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