Meijo UniversityDepartment of International Business Management Seminars

Kenji Ito Seminar:
Learning Management Basics

In addition to acquiring a basic understanding of management and management concepts, students will learn various ways to improve their reading accuracy and conduct debates.

Mikihiro Onishi Seminar:
Acquiring Various Skills

The ability to read financial statements, computer skills, and English proficiency are among the skills that students will enhance through this seminar. Other activities include management analysis, joint research, and overseas study sessions.

Takayuki Sawada Seminar:
Researching the Economies and the Business Management of Newly Emerging Asian Countries

This broad study of the economies and management of newly emerging countries in Asia will help students improve their abilities to prepare reports and conduct presentations.

Kenbun Sya Seminar:
Marketing Theory and Practice

Students will systematically acquire a basic knowledge of marketing and will conduct joint research and group presentations.

Susan Hansen Seminar:
Investigating the Diversity of European Countries

By studying the historic developments, political activities, diverse cultures, and national characteristics of European countries, students will deepen their understanding of Europe.

Akio Takayama Seminar:
Modern Finance Issues

Along with improving their writing skills and their ability to create tables, students will enhance their ability to think by reading financial documents in turns.

Takenori Tanaka Seminar:
Understanding Conditions Overseas

Students will study issues pertinent to the globalization of companies, with a focus on the automobile industry of Japan and other countries.

Hiromichi Higashi Seminar:
Becoming Familiar with UK History and Culture

By studying the society and culture of the United Kingdom, students will learn to objectively view the society and culture of their own country.

Akira Higashida Seminar:
Environmental Management

By examining activities pertaining to corporate environmental issues and corporate social responsibility, students will learn how companies integrate environmental and social responsibilities into business strategies.

Shingo Horikawa Seminar:
How to Live in an IT Society

Students will investigate how people should live in a world of digitalized companies and societies.

Masaki Horihata Seminar:
Investigating the Cultures and Societies of France and Japan

In this seminar, students will examine the characteristics of the cultures and societies of France and Japan.

Shinichiro Maeda Seminar:
What Are Effective Strategies for Corporate Growth?

By analyzing companies, including their investment decisions and their stocks, students will learn how to evaluate corporate strategies.

Keiko Muramatsu Seminar:
Comparing Japan and China

Students will study Japan, China, and surrounding regions from diverse viewpoints, including history, culture, society, and economy.

Izumi Yamamoto Seminar:
Global Political Economy and the Evolution of Global Business

In this seminar, students will study global political economy, focusing on the evolution of global business.

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