Meijo UniversityDepartment of Economics Seminars & Department of Industrial and Social Economics Seminars

Daisuke Arai Seminar:
Reviewing the Financial Economy

Students will critically analyze the current state of the financial industry and market, which are inflating much faster than the real economy and having an increasingly strong effect on it.

Kenji Ito Seminar:
Industrial Location and the Regional Economy

From the perspective of industrial location, students will examine the relationship between various industries and their local communities, including the related effects and changes.

Shinobu Ito Seminar:
Current State and Policies of the Japanese Economy

By studying the current state and policies of the Japanese economy as well as social background, students will acquire skills for analyzing and understanding the society in which they live.

Naoki Inouchi Seminar:
Stimulating the Local Economy

Students will investigate the actual state of regional industries and will consider natural energy-based measures for stimulating local economies.

Kunitane Umegaki Seminar:
Analyzing Economic Cycles and Economic Society

After studying the industrial cycles of modern capitalism, students will review case studies of companies and individuals who continue to pursue innovation in various environments.

Takumi Orihara Seminar:
A Historical Understanding of Modern Society

By taking turns reporting on and discussing textbook entries on economic history, students will deepen their understanding of the historical progress of economic development.

Masaki Katsuura Seminar:
Statistical Analysis of Economic Data

Students will acquire skills for collecting data, conducting statistical analysis, and interpreting research results on topics they are interested in.

Fujio Kishikawa Seminar:
Challenging Modern Society through the History of Social Thought

By studying both the history of social thought and modern times, students will explore the question of how economies give rise to new types of social solidarity.

Kazuro Kishino Seminar:
The Realms of Finance and Securities and the Real Economy

In addition to studying the relationship between the real economy and changes in asset value, students will compare the floating stock price theory and the floating real economy theory.

Tomomi Saito Seminar:
The Global and European Economies

Students will analyze the EU economy to learn about economic activities that extend beyond a national level.

Yuri Sadoi Seminar:
Characteristics of the East Asian Economy

By studying an overview of developments from "miracle" to "crisis" and the subsequent recovery process, students will learn the characteristics of the East Asian economy.

Akihiro Sawada Seminar:
Analyzing Empirical Economics

Students will learn the methodology and actual procedures for analyzing the real economy empirically, based on statistical and econometric techniques.

Yasuhiro Shibui Seminar:
Analyzing Modern Capitalism

Through the exchange of opinions and verification of economic theories against reality, students will analyze chaotic modern capitalism.

Daizo Sugimoto Seminar:
World Agriculture and Economic Development

Students will investigate changes in and the future of world agriculture from the standpoint of economic development.

Kiyoshi Sugiyama Seminar:
How to Live in the Web Era

Students will gain an understanding of the new world created by the Web and the post-cold-war (globalization) and will consider methods for adapting to that New World.

Sumiyoshi Suzuki Seminar:
Investigating Core Financial and Banking Issues

Using a reporter system, students will read, in turns, major reference materials on finance and banking and will hold in-depth discussions through Q&A sessions.

Hideo Suzuki Seminar:
Issues in the Japanese Economy

Banking, finance, the aging society, the hollowing out of industry, and small and medium-size companies are among the areas and issues that students will discuss in this seminar on the Japanese economy.

Mitsuhiro Tanimura Seminar:
A Review of International Development and Cooperation

Based on the reality depicted in If the World Were a Village of 100 People, students will discuss how we should view the global economy and society.

Hirohito Nawa Seminar:
Current Issues in the US Economy

Students will discuss issues regarding the US economy, based on themes established for each fiscal year. This year's theme is "increasing taxes on the wealthy and health insurance reform."

Kenichi Nishiyama Seminar:
Applied Management Skills

By examining methods to facilitate decision making--a key management process--and studying management theory and practices, students will develop skills for detecting and resolving issues.

Toru Nishiyama Seminar:
Reading of The Merchant of Venice

Students will master reading comprehension, writing, and presentation skills--the basis of all learning.

Mitsunori Noguchi Seminar:
Solutions to the World Economic Crisis

Students will gain an understanding of the background to the recent world economic crisis triggered by subprime issues, will investigate the causes, and will search for solutions.

Hideo Matsuo Seminar:
Economic Principles--Reading of Yoshin Sugahara's Book on Economic Principles

To learn how to think logically, a skill that makes it easier to understand today's economy, students will present overviews of various issues and hold in-depth discussions based on their thoughts.

Hideyoshi Yagashiro Seminar:
Review of Japanese Economic Issues from a Historical Standpoint

Students will deepen their understanding of present-day society and foster keen critical thinking skills by systematically acquiring specialized knowledge regarding the histories of the Japanese economy and business.

Hiroki Yamada Seminar:
Investigating What the Ideal Public Policies Would Be

In addition to studying economic theories, students will explore the "grand design" of society, including such areas as education, healthcare, the local community, and the environment, from the standpoint of public policies.

Yugo Yamamoto Seminar:
Issues in Transportation and Logistics

By proactively preparing abstracts, reports, and discussions, students will gain an understanding of current conditions and issues in transportation and logistics.

Soocheol Lee Seminar:
Review of the Environment, Energy and the Economy

Along with examining the causes of various environmental problems, such as climate change, air and water pollution and waste recycling, that stem from the activities of everyday living and industry, students will study the mechanisms of their occurrence and countermeasures.

Toshimitsu Watanabe Seminar:
Understanding Theoretical Concepts Pertaining to Small and Medium Enterprises

Students will acquire skills for discerning issues when reading newspaper and magazine articles about small and medium enterprises.