Meijo UniversityVoices of International Students

Doctoral Course, Second Year; Division of Business; Graduate School of Business

Zhang Jia

I enrolled in Meijo University after graduating from university in China and have completed the master's course in the Graduate School of Business.
After completing the master's course, I am continuing my studies to get a PhD and do further research.
There are a variety of support systems for international students at Meijo University. For example, in addition to reduced tuition and the Student Assistant program, there is a wealth of events to get to know Japanese culture and interact with local people. In addition, the university has a large database holding a huge amount of easily accessed reference material, which provides good research support. Thanks also to the enthusiastic guidance of teachers, my research progresses smoothly.
To anyone who is eager to learn and who is looking forward to exchanges with Japan and Japanese culture, I wholeheartedly recommend enrolling at Meijo University.

Graduate School of Business, Second Year

Cui Haoquan

The reason I chose Meijo University is because of the curriculum that enables me to study a wide range of topics related to business management and economics while advancing my own professional research, all in a comfortable learning environment with well-equipped facilities. Beginning in the first year, the Faculty of Business Management at Meijo University has small-group seminars where you can quickly acquire presentation skills. The entrepreneurship courses are also attractive. It was very exciting for me to hear firsthand the voices of managers who are at the forefront of business.
The Meijo University Office of International Affairs has a Student Assistant program to provide help and guidance to international students to deal with university life. It offers a variety of activities, ranging from registration guidance for new students to Japanese conversation practice, sports games, home country introductions, and trips. The Office has also set up a lounge specifically for international students and Student Assistants. By coming into contact with students from a variety of countries, I was able to gain an international sensibility and understanding about different cultures, and I am enjoying an extremely fulfilling university life.