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Working to Develop Pharmacists and Pharmacologists Who Can Contribute to Improving People's Health and Welfare

In recent years, there has been a growing expectation for pharmacists to exercise their professional skills beyond conventionally defined parameters. Clinical pharmacists now play a key role in the team-based practice of medicine, working in close cooperation with doctors and nurses in hospitals. And given Japan's rapidly aging society--a historical trend without precedent--demand for the professional skills of pharmacists is expected to increase in fields such as preventive medicine, community healthcare, and home care. We have long been aware of the importance of having pharmacists involved in medical practice. The Faculty of Pharmacy, which has for many years been providing Japan's top-level clinical pharmacy education, will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2014.
We have also keenly promoted cutting-edge research activities--for example, in biotechnology--in the belief that research and education should work in tandem to equip the next generation of pharmacists and pharmacologists with the expertise to take the current health and welfare system to the next level.

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Department of Pharmacy

As well as mastering knowledge and skills for dispensing and managing medicines, students learn how to become active members of a medical team by taking part in practical training at hospitals and pharmacies.